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If you have any drawings or pictures that you made in memory of Shinjan, please e-mail me at . It'll be displayed here.

Thumbnail: Person: Talk:
AndreiMikeLilaCambriaVinny.jpg (3866 bytes) Andrei, Mike, Lila, Cambria, Vinny We'll miss you
AnnieSarah.jpg (30054 bytes) Annie Sarah We miss you
LoveThePeople.jpg (3160 bytes) Anonymous Love the people
loveyou.jpg (2568 bytes) Anonymous We love you
InLovingMemory.jpg (2324 bytes) Anonymous In loving memory
LiCamAnna1.jpg (3313 bytes) Lee, Cam, Anna We miss you Shinjan
LiCamAnna2.jpg (2716 bytes) Lee, Cam, Anna We love
LiCamAnna3.jpg (3021 bytes) Lee, Cam, Anna We miss  you
MatthewBrenner.jpg (3050 bytes) Matthew Brenner Good-bye my friend
SashaPersad.jpg (3972 bytes) Sasha Persad We'll miss you