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Just Another Day

If I could see you one more time,
I’d have a lot to say,
Maybe then you’d understand,
You didn’t go out the right way.

Some people are weak,
Some people are strong,
But whatever you felt and thought in your mind,
Was very very wrong.

Your wrong to think that no one cared,
Because a lot of people sure do,
You’re wrong to think that you weren’t loved,
Because we loved you.

I hope you found happiness,
Where ever you are,
Though you are forever gone,
Your heart and soul will never go far.

For you and everyone else,
I turn to God and pray,
Sadness always seems to come,
From what people do and say.

Do you now feel guilty?
Do you people feel sad and scared?
Now you realize you made a mistake,
Instead of teasing you should have cared.

Here lived a young man,
Living amongst us all,
We were all so blind,
We let his strength fall.

Take this chance we are given,
To tell people that you care,
Tell them that know mater what,
You will always be there.

Choose the path you want to take,
Live your life the right way,
Be strong enough within yourself,
To survive the hardest days.

To teachers, friends, enemies,
People I don’t even know,
Make a difference so we don’t go down,
Let this community grow.

Know that I care for all of you,
From the bottom of my heart to the top,
Through pressure, times of need, anything at all,
My care for you will never stop.

So when you think no ones there,
And have no reason to stay,
Please no that you are wrong,
You can make it through another day.