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    Letters that were written for Shinjan and his family...If you a letter you wrote for Shinjan or/and his family, please e-mail me at . It'll be displayed here.

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Text Sarah G Faith hill
AnnaBlaineCambriaEmily.jpg (3305 bytes) Anne, Blaine, Cambria, Emily Shinjan~
dear.jpg (2270 bytes) Anonymous Dear...
thankyou.jpg (3457 bytes) Anonymous Thank you
bethanne.jpg (3702 bytes) Beth Anne To Shinjan
emily.jpg (4691 bytes) Emily Howell Emily Howell
EricaGabell.jpg (3154 bytes) Erica Grabell We all miss you
KendelSmith1.jpg (4676 bytes) Kendel Smith Letter to family
KristieLayne.jpg (4134 bytes) Kristie Layne I'm sorry, to Shinjan's parents
LaurenZondag.jpg (3424 bytes) Lauren Zondag Dear Shinjan
norawong.jpg (2192 bytes) Nora Wong Dear...