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This is just a listing of parent's opinions that we got via mail (of course with their permission - guestbook entries don't count.) If you want your opinion here (and you're a parent), just contact us.


A letter from a sixth grade student mom

I just wanted to write to you for two main reasons. First of all, I
think you have proven yourself to be a truly good friend to your friend
shinjan for putting the site together in his memory. Even though I did
not know him and am just a mom of a sixth grader in your school I have
been so upset, shocked, saddened and scared by this event. I can't imagine
how close friends like you must feel. Sometimes when my mind goes back
to the tragedy I quickly try to think of something more positive because
it is especially painful trying to imagine what his parents especially
his mom must be feeling everyday. At least I can block the thought but
those parents must surely be in deep pain. As an adult, it helps to
review your site from time to time because we also need to heal and
understand you kids more. I think the website is going to not only
heal but to ultimatley teach us all about relating better to people,
building better friendships and simply loving and tolerating one another
(believe me adults need to know this too!). It is somewhat comforting
that painful as shinjans parting has been to this community, he is ultimately
and rather ironically teaching us all the most important lesson and basis
for our existence - "love".

Secondly, I do happen to think outright suspensions are a little bit
harsh. This is because kids of today are already under so much stress
primarily social and academic. We parents are also stressed due to so
many reasons. Therefore what worked when we were younger does not really
fit the environment today - lots of kids and parents are indeed walking
on the edge. That type of punishiment can be the last straw for all
of us - if I got a call that my child was being suspended for two weeks
I may very nearly have a stroke - how much more the feelings of my kid.
We live in a very stressful and dysfunctional society - everything needs
to be done with caution and a lot of thought especially suspensions.
I feel there needs to be a lot of parental involvement between the school,
parents and child before such measures are taken. If parents want to
petition, discuss or do whatever it takes to improve and/or change things
please count me in. Thanks and God bless!