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  We'll miss you

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- With permission of Mr. and Mrs. Majumder, this website is dedicated to Shinjan Majumder. Please tribute something in any sort of form for Shinjan; poem, talk, song, drawings... Best viewed maximized (or at least horizontally for the frames)

    On May 4th, 2001, Shinjan Majumder, an 8th grader, passed away at his home. He was only 13 years old; he was a nice person and many kids liked him. He was known as a kind person to many. There is an article describing the circumstances of his death in the Times. This is a dedication to him. This place is meant to remember him; and commemorate him. Also, it will help us understand our thoughts and feelings by talking. In order to fulfil this, this site has been made.

Each section has a purpose: The "Interactive" section is perhaps the most important of this site. Talking to other people is the best way in order to heal; therefore it's important that we all talk to people like us, in the same situation to come to a further understanding. In that meaning, please use it frequently. Since a Message Board is an active part of the site, we suggest that you come back once in a while (or often). We also suggest bookmarking  this site for that reason. Please sign the guestbook as well.

     Information is to give you an idea what's going on, as well as writings that people wrote in this subject. Memories is for stuff that people have made in memory of Shinjan. All the colection of things that people had for him - his memories, our memories -- letters , songspoetry , and artwork .

    Please post a message (or messages), and tell this site to your friends. The Pass-it-on device is an easy way to do this. This is especially important to people in relation with Shinjan.


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After the Silence

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